Power Of Belief And Intention


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When we take a little time to analyse and look back to great men of history who made incredible change for the benefit of us ‘mere mortals’ we can see from their diaries and writings the power of belief in their dreams.
We can learn from their way of being.
Powerful intention backed by belief and purpose.
We do not need to try and compete but it is advisable to develop these personal skills and implement the practice into our daily lives to achieve our own dreams no matter how big or small.
All pioneers and free thinkers that cause disruption and make great change that effects the status quo and the direction of where humanity was heading and ‘hopefully for the better of all’ began with a dream.
A vision of how life would be once they got to their desired goal , destination or working invention.
An idea how they could be different and create something new but first the change was within they had to make that change in themselves.
With that internal ‘mindset shift’ they would influence society and make the world a more interesting place full of new possibilities and prove the impossible is possible for others to believe and follow.
In this video i try to convey that all change begins with a thought from an individual then spreads out once action and implementation takes place.
In the final analysis it will be always be the individual who creates great change which effects the environment and depending on how great the thought, the dream, the idea, the plan, the execution and implementation.
And only looking back can we join the dots and realize the impact!