Birthday Reflection At ’54’

glen (1)I had a wonderful Birthday yesterday and spent some time reflecting on my life.
Reflecting on successful times in my life and my many failings.
Every experience and every encounter i have had especially with friends and family add up to who i am today.
I am certainly much more aware of who i am and certainly much wiser at 54 years old…( never thought i’d make it )
I also plan to continue to work on myself to be better each day.
At this time in my life i do not feel the need to explain or justify who i am.
I do not need alcohol , drugs or bravado to hide behind who i am.
As i did at times in my life.
I am at a place where i feel more secure and content living in my own skin.
Over the years i have been on a journey of discovery to find my true self.
When i felt unhappy in some place i would pack my bags and set off travelling in search of something better.
It is an ongoing journey that does not actually end but a necessary journey for me to question my purpose in life.
After travelling to 30+ countries and having lived in 5
I have come to understand this simple truth.. ‘ wherever you go there you are’!!!..
I have discovered contentment is within not in some far flung exotic destination.
I know i am not the same person as i was last year and i am sure i will not be the same person next year.
I would also like to apologize to anyone who’s Birthday wishes i have missed or anyone that i have offended over the years.
My views and humor at times can be quite cutting for i am a little opinionated and maverick.
I will continue to be a nonconformist and tread my own path because the most important thing in this mad chaotic world is freedom for the individual to be whatever he chooses to be or think…
So i would like to say thank you to everyone who i have spent time with old friends, family and new friends.
Thank you so much! … You are all a part of me in some way and i really appreciate your precious time you have given me!!!…xxx


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